Mazda 13B Twin Turbo Typhoon intake system with 12 injector port and a 90mm throttle body

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( 100% Track Tested 0% Failure )

  • This is a Twin Turbo Semi intake manifold
  • It can be match ported to a cosmo port
  • Over the motor style, similar to the factory
  • The manifold is balance between front and rear runner
  • The Lower manifold is prep and ready with 8 injector ports
  • The upper manifold is prep and ready with 4 injector ports
  • Includes 3 high flow -10 fuel rails
  • Includes a low profile 90mm throttle body 
  • Large o-ring between the Upper & Lower 
  • Design for high boost application
  • Lower manifold has double 65mm runners 
  • Black powder coating Wrinkle finish
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