Pro-Jay Bully Pro 2JZ-GTE 18 Injector Port Intake Manifold

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Pro-Jay Bully Pro 2JZ-GTE 18 Injector Port Intake Manifold

In the never ending quest for world records the Bully line was developed for full race and extreme boost application. If your intentions are to dominate the import sport compact class, don’t accept anything less than a Pro-Jay Intake System with a 100% Track Tested and 0% Failure rate.

     After collecting all the data from our record holding intake manifolds the Bully was born. By paying close attention to CFM and PSI, lower inlet air temperatures were achieved (lower temp. = more power).  Typical test show more power at a same or lower boost level, that means longer engine and turbo life,also adding reliability and consistency to your game.  

Intake Features: 

  • 18 Injector port
  • Ready Billet Automizer uppon request
  • Easy set-up for 6 injectors for low boost
  • and 12 injectors for high boost
  • Perfect for single turbo, double turbo or compound turbo application
  • Large double taper plenum designed to lower air turbulence
  • tapered runners designed to increase air velocity
  • Large 125mm inlet for higher CFM
  • 100% Billet Aluminum for extreme high boost application
  • Your choice of 115mm or 125mm Pro-Jay low profile throttle body
  • Throttle cable bracket
  • Large o-ring between manifold and throttle body
  • Double High flow -10 fuel rails
  • Vacuum ports
  • Nitrous ports
  • SFI Burst Panel 250lb.
  • Stainless Steel grade 9 bolts 12 point

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