Pro-Jay 13B Twin Turbo / 3rd Gen Mazda EFI Intakes Manifold

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We are currently working on the molds.
Thank you for your support, we have posted
some updates on our Facebook page.
It will take about 4 month to complete this project.
Please don't place order if you are in a rush.
Here is the all new Pro-Jay Turbo II Mazda EFI Intakes Manifold.
- Semi and non- semi
- 4 or 8 injector ports
- Single butterflies style
- Using high flow -10 fuel rail
- 12.250” from housing bolt to intake top
- Injector size 14mm X 60mm
- Prepped and ready for Billet Automizers
- 90mm or 105mm upper manifold inlet opening
- No powder coating available fon now

Please call before ordering
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