Pro-Jay Bully Pro Hat - Rear Burst Panel to a Low-Pro 4 Barrel Throttle Body & Adapter Kit

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Pro-Jay Bully Pro Hat- Rear Burst Panel to a Low-Pro 4 Barrel Throttle Body & Adapter Kit
This is an Adapter kit, to use the Bully Hat on a Pro-Jay Low-Pro 4 barrel throttle body.
No welding necessary on the trhottle body. All components are 100% 6061 Billet Aluminum. 
  1. You need to remove the throttle body from the car
  2. Bolt on the Adapter, mark drill and tap 2 additional holes 5/16-18
  3. Using a drill press is recomeded for best results
  4. Once drilled and tapped, clean and degreaser throttle body
  5. Make sure it's clean and dry
  6. Place the new O-ring on the throttle body ( supplied with the kit ) 
  7. Bolt on the adapter using 4 bolts 5/16-18 ( supplied with the kit )
  8. MUST use Red Loctite is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT ( not suplied with the kit )
  9. Install the Bully Hat ( make sure the o-ring on the hat is set correct )
  10. Install the 5" Bully clamp using the hardware ( supplied with the kit )

Included in Kit;

  • Bully Pro Hat with Rear Burst Panel
  • 1 Adapter plate
  • 5/16-18 bolts 4pc
  • 1 Throttle o-ring
  • 1 Bully clamp 3.500" with hardware
  • 1 Bully clamp 5.000" with hardware
  • 1 Bully weld in flange with o-ring for the charge pipe
  • 1 Small Burst Panel SFI spec 23.1 and Hardware


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