Mazda 20B - 3 Rotor 12 injected Intake Manifold System

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The Pro-Jay 3 Rotor intake manifold was design to replace
the factory set-up. There's lots of people that prefer the
factory intake manifold system. But still the manifold has
lots of limitations and our goal was to study the pitfalls and
create a better manifold. First we needed to increase the
air flow, and we tackled that by replacing the 3 butterfly
style throttle body with a single butterfly throttle body.
Also designing a larger plenum with minimum internal
obstruction and going from 6 runners style manifold
to a 3 runners style, reducing the air drag therefore
increasing air flow. The runner openings are 72 mm and
taper down to 65 mm drastically increasing the air
velocity by the time in reaches the first set of injectors
and passing into the lower manifold. Once in the lower
manifold it continue to taper down pass the second and third
set of injector. Where it splits into 3, the primary,
secondary and semi ports. All of this was accomplished
wile maintaining two important factors in mind, increase
air velocity wile reducing air turbulence. Giving us the
final outcome of higher horse power and more torque, wile
maintaining great idle and super fast throttle response.

This Intake Manifold can be outfitted with a huge
arsenal of injectors. Using up to 3 high flow -10 fuel
rails, each one holding 6 injectors. It can hold a total
of 18 injectors, 14 mm X 60 mm and can be order in a 6, 12
or 18 injector port configurations. If you only need 15
Injector port, you should get the 18 port set-up, and use
Billet Aluminum Dummy Injector Plugs, to block off the unwanted ports.

Intake Manifold Features;

Easy set-up
Semi ports
Great idling
Fast throttle response
Lower and shorter than factory manifold
Large plenum design
Taper runner style Intake Manifold
3 runner style, starting at 72 mm and tapering to 65 mm
This manifold is balance between primary to primary and secondary to secondary
Large o-ring between the upper and lower
Large o-ring between upper and throttle body
Come with a black wrinkle powder coat finish
High Flow -10 Fuel Rails

Throttle Body Features;

Use a 100 mm or 105 mm Pro-Jay Low Profile Mustang Throttle Body
Over size Stainless Steel Shaft
1/8" Thick Brass Butterfly with double Edge like a Knives, front and back for better Air Flow
Over size Stainless Steel Shaft
Cable Bracket
Adjustable Linkage
Large O-Ring in front and Back of Throttle Body
V-Band with V-Clamp